22 August 2016

The Paella Project Ends!

I did it! The 15th and final paella for The Paella Project. It took me years to finish, but I'm really glad I stuck to it. I'm not one to complete projects once the enthusiasm fizzles, so this right here is an achievement for me. 

The Paella Mixed with Jamon Serrano is one of Barcino's newer paellas, and it's not on the menu. I suppose they recommended it to my family though, or else my parents wouldn't have ordered it. While it tasted good, and it had a lot of toppings, I'd still go for the popular paellas, like the Negra or the Valenciana. And it's always ideal to have a glass of sangria along with the paella of your choice. 

As for a description of this paella, I'd say that it had a rich flavor that veered towards being salty (what with seafood and ham in it). I can't say more about it, for I was only able to get a small amount before it completely disappeared. That ought to say something about how much it was enjoyed by my dining companions.            

And so I end this project, prouder of the journey than of the outcome itself. It's not really a big-deal- kind of project, but it feels good to know that I can stick to something and see it through to its completion, no matter how long it takes to do so.